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Process to Profitability

Jan 20, 2022

Launching a course is a huge task filled with to-do list items, including writing copy for all the pieces, which can be really intimidating for business owners. Kim is here to help us focus on what’s important when writing your launch copy, including the process she leads clients through and specific tips for writing your sales page and email sequence. We also talk about when you should consider hiring a copywriter to help you and mistakes business owners frequently make when it comes to launching.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why copy is such an important part of a launch
  • Advice for your first launch
  • The process for launching a course/program
  • The important copywriting pieces of a launch strategy
  • Tips for writing a course sales pages and sales email sequence
  • When you should hire a copywriter for help
  • Mistakes business owners make when it comes to launching

Connect with Kim:

Kim is a launch copywriter and strategist who loves sharing copy and strategy tips to help coaches and experts build authentic connections with their audience and have feel-good, profitable launches. Before founding Copy with Kim, she was a PhD scientist working in corporate. Her science background gave her the tools she needs to ask questions and gather data to craft custom strategies for her clients that turn their leads into paid customers. You'll find Kim with her hair pulled back when it's "go time" writing and strategizing. She's fueled by bubble tea and plant-based foods, a firecracker at her CrossFit classes, and a strong believer that education is a basic human right for all.