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Process to Profitability

Sep 16, 2021

I’m excited to cover this topic, not only for podcasters, but for all business owners. Rosa shares the importance of repurposing your content and which types of content you can use for this strategy. She also talks about taking advantage of the new platforms that are becoming popular, mistakes people make when repurposing content, and her favorite tools for repurposing and sharing content. Whether you’re a podcast host, podcast guest, or you create your primary content in another way, this episode can help you create more content in less time.

Topics Discussed:

  • The importance of repurposing your content
  • Which types of content you can use for this strategy
  • The types of information you need when repurposing guest features
  • Taking advantage of the new platforms that are becoming popular
  • Mistakes people make when repurposing content
  • Tools for repurposing and sharing content

Resources Discussed:

Connect with Rosa:

Rosa Sarmento is a podcast manager, content creator, and founder of Ideablossoms. She used to be a fashion buyer in Brazil, her home country but has been working online for over 2 years. Ideablossoms is an innovative agency that makes podcasting simple and frees up capacity for busy female coaches and course creators. Services range from podcast launch, audio editing, podcast management, content repurposing, and social media management - including reels, and IGTV videos. Her team thrives and excels at making engaging content that keeps their client’s listeners coming back.

Rosa is a traveler, an adventurer, and an ex-pat. She lived in Chile and Vietnam for a couple of years each and is heading to Mexico next. She absolutely LOVES the mobility and freedom this work gives her.