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Process to Profitability

Sep 9, 2021

I’m so thrilled to have Nadia back on the show, this time to talk about preparing to hire in your business. We start by covering how you can know it’s the right time to hire and the steps you need to take before bringing someone into your business. Nadia talks about budgeting for future hires and choosing between a contractor and an employee. We also discuss how you can evaluate if an employee is giving you a good return on your investment and the mistakes she sees people make when it comes to finances and hiring.

Topics Discussed:

  • How does a business owner know when it’s the right time to hire
  • The steps you need to take before hiring someone
  • Budgeting for hiring in the future
  • The difference between a contractor and an employee and deciding which is the right fit for your business
  • Evaluating if an employee is worth the investment
  • Mistakes Nadia sees people make when it comes to hiring for their business

Resources Discussed:

  • Free Guide

Connect with Nadia:

Born, raised, rooted, and rising in Richmond, Virginia, Nadia S. Anderson is a believer, a connector, and a dreamer. A proud graduate of Richmond Community High School and the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, Nadia is an accounting expert, certified public accountant, and certified wedding and event planner with twenty years of experience. She enjoys sharing her smarts, giving practical advice to boost confidence with money matters, and inspiring others to choose a life they love. 

A serial entrepreneur, Nadia supports small business owners and non-profit organizations through The Anderson Accounting Group. She combines creativity with her business experience to delight and inspire clients and guests of Virginia Grace, an event management company that will reopen in 2022. Later this summer, she’ll launch Lavender Hill, a co-working space that seeks to be an oasis of ease and enjoyment for entrepreneurs.

In all her efforts Nadia seeks to protect her peace and promote the value of rest and play in the rhythm of productivity.  She’s currently imagining a resource to help you stress less and chase joy, and, an initiative designed to close the racial wealth gap by cultivating Black excellence.