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Process to Profitability

Apr 28, 2022

There are so many tools, apps, and hacks to help business owners get everything done, but so many of us are still struggling with burnout. It’s time to have a different kind of conversation around time management. Today Devin Lee is joining me to talk about redefining “good” and “bad” time management skills. We dive into the deeper issues and talk about viewing time management in a new way. Devin also shares how she helps business owners plan their time so they can avoid burnout and still run a business they love.

Topics Discussed:

  • Redefining what it means to have “good” or “bad” time management skills
  • Where the current 40-hour work week originated
  • Myths about how we view our relationship with time
  • How business owners can improve their time management
  • Tools and systems for business owners to better plan

Resources Discussed:

Connect with Devin:

Devin Lee is a Certified Online Business Manager. She takes the dreams of visionaries who thrive on ideas and puts them into an actionable plan. She loves to outline the ultimate customer journey for her clients’ businesses, find the holes and obstacles, and then patch them up. She loves elevating business owners to the next level and then watching a newly well-oiled business do its thing. And she loves to teach overwhelmed entrepreneurs how to change their relationship to time.

In her spare time, Devin roller skates, listens to podcasts, studies the Enneagram, explores the best places to eat Sushi in Portland, and makes new friends.