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Process to Profitability

Jun 29, 2017

Today I’m talking with lawyer Autumn Witt Boyd all about creating contracts that protect you and your clients. Autumn and I had worked together on a contract for my own business and so I was excited to bring her on to talk about her process and some tips for creating contracts that protect you and your business while...

Jun 22, 2017

Today I'm talking with Nevica Vazquez all about starting your own mastermind
and how her mastermind helped her take her business to the next level. She
gives a lot of great tips and really practical information that you can use
when you want to start your own mastermind instead of waiting to be invited
to someone...

Jun 15, 2017

Today on Process to Profitability, it’s just me talking about improving your website today with 5 easy updates that you can make. This is a subject that I am so passionate about because I believe that you don’t need a brand new website or a total redesign to start seeing more results from your website.

Take these...

Jun 8, 2017

Today Ashley and I chatted all about using customer feedback in product design, but this episode is so relevant to people in the service-based industry as well.

Ashley and I actually met in person at a VIP Intensive back in February of 2017, so I was so excited to bring her on the show to talk about how she grew her...

Jun 1, 2017

Today I’m talking with Elise Crawford of Ringlet studio about creating a social media strategy with your dream clients in mind.

Elise and I had a great conversation all about why business need social media strategy, how you can create content that your dream client is going to relate to, and how you can avoid...