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Process to Profitability

Oct 5, 2017

Today I’m talking with Becky Mollenkamp all about transitioning from corporate clients to one–on-one work and we get into a lot of great topics.

Becky discusses why she made the transition from working with corporate client to creative entrepreneurs. We talk about how the expectations on her business have changed based on the types of clients she’s working with, how she balances automation and personal interaction with her clients, as well as why she thinks being authentic online and on social media is so important.

We talk about how you can beta-test your ideas before you launch your services and get into some really fun discussions on customer services and why that’s so important.

Becky Mollenkamp is a business mentor for creative entrepreneurs. In her 10-week Own It, Crush It program, she helps entrepreneurs get out of their own heads to find clarity and create action plans for moving their businesses forward. Learn more about Becky and her program at

Topics Discussed:

  • How she started working with creative entrepreneurs
  • How working with small business owners is different from corporate clients
  • Communicating your value to potential clients
  • Why being yourself in all ways is so important for your business
  • How she created a sales process that feels authentic and respectful
  • Balancing automation and hands-on communication
  • Creating touchpoints in your business to attract and repel potential clients
  • The difference in investment for corporate clients and small businesses
  • Finding a balance between making a profit and working with your dream clients
  • Being genuine with showing our journey and not just perfect images
  • Creating a beta-test for services you’re considering offering
  • How to create a great client experience and why it’s important

Resources Discussed:

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