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Process to Profitability

Jan 5, 2023

On this episode of Process to Profitability, I'm talking with Nicola Moors about mistakes people make when they are launching and what you should be paying attention to to make sure that your launch is successful.

We have a great conversation, not just about copywriting, but also just about data and metrics and what you as a business owner can do to improve your launches and the profitability of your business.

Nicola Moors is a launch strategist and copywriter. She creates profitable funnels fueled by data, research, and a ton of advanced conversion strategies. Her data-driven approach to messaging and funnels with her funnel fuel formula has gotten her client results like a 68% increase in sales page conversions, a 13% conversion rate on warm and cold traffic for a sales page, and up to 85.4% open rates on launch emails. If you know anything about metrics, you know those are all amazing results, and we talk a little bit about how to look at those metrics in this episode.

She's also written about funnel optimization for Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, and Medium. Throughout this episode, Nicola shares lots of insights, so make sure to check out her website and her Instagram if you want to learn more.