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Process to Profitability

Jun 17, 2021

I’m talking to Ellen Yin of Cubicle to CEO about leveraging the power of hashtags to grow your Instagram. Ellen shares her journey to becoming a business owner and how she’s using her marketing knowledge to help entrepreneurs. We discuss how we should think about hashtags for Instagram and why they can be so effective for people with smaller audiences. We also talk about the top three hashtag mistakes that business owners make so that we can create an effective strategy for our businesses.

Topics Discussed:

  • How business owners should think about using hashtags for Instagram
  • Why hashtags are the great equalizer for those with smaller audiences
  • Being intentional in choosing hashtags for our posts
  • The top three mistakes business owners make when using hashtags
  • Checking and adjusting our hashtag strategy

Resources Discussed:

Connect with Ellen:

Ellen Yin is the founder of Cubicle to CEO, an online membership helping coaches & service providers make their first $10K month. The name reflects her own journey of profitably bootstrapping her business from a $300 project to 7 figures in revenue in just 3 years, as a first-generation Asian American entrepreneur. She has been featured on the TODAY show with Hoda & Jenna and contributed insights to publications like Yahoo! Finance, MSN, Databird Business Journal, Thrive Global, HerMoney, and BlogHer. Through her results-driven online courses + services, Ellen has served over 7,000 students and clients, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Ellen is also the host of the award-winning Cubicle to CEO Podcast, which peaked in multiple countries' Top 50 business podcast charts and has been downloaded in over 100 countries worldwide.


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