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Process to Profitability

Aug 12, 2021

Finances are a topic that many entrepreneurs shy away from, even though they know it’s crucial for their business to succeed, which I why I’m so excited to talk with Kenia Newell of Wealth Over Now about creating a financial plan for your business. We talk about prioritizing what’s important in your finances and why you need to have money goals. Keina shares what a financial plan is, why it’s important, and the most important pieces you need to include. She also gives us tips to help determine your business budget, creating an emergency fund, and evaluating your financial plan as your business grows. We wrap up with a discussion about how business finances affect personal finances and the mistakes she sees business owners making when creating and implementing a financial plan.

Topics Discussed:

  • Prioritizing what’s important in your finances
  • Why having money goals important when creating a financial plan
  • What is a financial plan and why is it important for your business
  • The most important pieces of a business financial plan
  • Determining your business budget and how much to relegate to each piece of your financial plan
  • Emergencies fund for businesses
  • Evaluating if your financial plan is supporting your business
  • How business finances affect personal finances
  • Mistakes people make when creating a financial plan

Resources Discussed:

Connect with Keina:

Keina Newell is the founder of Wealth Over Now, where she works with professional women and solopreneurs to create new possibilities with their money so they can save more, pay off debt, invest in themselves, and stress less about money. She is passionate about her work and finds no greater satisfaction than helping her clients start managing their money with joy because they’ve learned to feel possibility where they once felt shame, guilt, overwhelm, and anxiety. When she is not coaching, Keina is spending quality time with friends and family and encouraging herself to workout! To learn more about Keina head over to Wealth Over Now and explore her tips to manage your money well.