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Process to Profitability

Sep 2, 2021

I’m excited to chat with Amy Eaton today. She explains why the photos we choose to share on Instagram are important for increasing engagement and the types of photos our clients really want to see. We also talk about using Instagram to build relationships and the importance of having a consistent style. Amy shares her recommendations for finding photos and tips for DIYing some of your own.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why the photos we choose for Instagram are important for increasing engagement
  • The kinds of photos our dream clients and customers want to see on social media
  • Using Instagram to build relationships instead of as a catalogue of work
  • The importance of having a consistent style important and how to achieve one
  • Amy recommendations for finding the right images
  • Quick tips for taking DIY photos

Resources Discussed:

Connect with Amy:

Amy is a product and brand photographer turned educator and teaches creative entrepreneurs how to take gorgeous photos for their own businesses. Through her online courses, blog, and YouTube channel, Amy shares the "how-to" of brand and product photography in a simple and uncomplicated way so her students can learn quickly and effectively. She also hosts her own podcast, Bold Company, where she chats with other creative entrepreneurs candidly about their business journeys. Amy is a champion for creative business owners and is a strong advocate for creatives making a profitable income with their craft.