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Process to Profitability

Jun 5, 2018

This is our first bonus episode! I’m so excited for this episode because I’m bringing you Tript and Prabh Johal from Buzzing Creatives and we are talking about using Pinterest to grow your business. Part of the reason I’m excited is because this is a great topic and we get into a lot of cool discussions about how you can use Pinterest, the tools that they like to use to manage Pinterest, and some tips for the new changes that the platform has been making and how you can take advantage of them. They also wrap up with some good advice if you’re just starting out or transitioning your Pinterest account to a business account so you can make sure that you’re on the right foot.

The other reason I’m excited about this episode is because Buzzing Creatives is actually and client of mine and when this episode goes live, we will be just a few days away from launching their new website and their new Pin for Growth course. I would love it if you would check out their website. They are so passionate about helping creatives who have a little bit of a different background, which we talk more about it the episode.

Tript & Prabh of Buzzing Creatives, are social media experts that specialize in Instagram & Pinterest - and yes they are sisters! They teach creative entrepreneurs how to grow their business online by leveraging social media. Buzzing Creatives was born out of their knowledge, experience, and passion for teaching. Being creatives at heart, Tript & Prabh are passionate about creative entrepreneurs turning their creativity into profitability without compromising their artistic integrity.

Buzzing Creatives was developed at a time when both Tript & Prabh were on individual trajectories which they thought would never meet. But what they forgot was that more than being sisters they were best friends and more than best friends they were soul mates. To have your sister as your soul mate is the best case scenario, you just can’t lose and so their individual fates aligned perfectly to create a window in time when Buzzing Creatives was finally born!

Buzzing Creatives has grown into a community of creatives that inspire each other. At the heart of buzzing creatives is the belief that innovation is the result of a community full of supporting creatives and that is why they place emphasis on building a sense of community where teachers are students and vice versa, so everyone can learn from each other and grow as creatives.

Outside of Buzzing Creatives, Tript & Prabh both love to travel, read books, watch Bollywood, listen to U2 and go on crazy adventures. Tript has a Master’s Degree in Gender and International Development from the Institute of Development Studies UK along with her BA from the University of British Columbia. Prabh is currently doing her Ph.D. in Art History with focus on Classical Archeology at the University of Toronto, she completed her Masters in Classical Archaeology from the University of Oxford and previously completed her BA from the University of British Columbia.

Topics Discussed:

  • How Tript & Prabh decided to start Buzzing Creatives
  • Creating a place for online business owners who feel marginalized in other groups
  • Why Pinterest is an important platform for creative entrepreneurs
  • How Pinterest is different than other social platforms
  • Group boards and finding which ones will benefit you
  • Tools you can use to manage and grow your Pinterest account
  • Writing descriptions for pins and boards that get found
  • Transitioning a personal Pinterest account into a business one
  • What types of boards your business should have
  • Using Tailwind tribes to share content
  • Tript and Prabh’s upcoming Pin for Growth course

Action Steps:

  1. Set up a Pinterest business account
  2. Start pinning consistently, focusing on the 1st five pins each day
  3. Write pin descriptions that include keywords and that link to a page with matching content
  4. Create attractive Pinterest graphics (600px x 900px is optimal)

Resources Discussed:

Connect with Buzzing Creatives: