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Process to Profitability

Dec 27, 2018

Today I’m talking about my top time management tips and tools. Have you ever looked back at a long day of work and wondered why you didn't get anything done? I certainly have - there have been many times that I've thought I was being productive, but I was actually spending my time on things that weren't as important to my business.

As the creative director and only designer at Lemon and the Sea, I have a lot on my plate - and I'm sure you do too. That's why it's important to use your time in the best way possible. After all, time is one thing you can't make more of. So how do you increase your productivity when you're trying to do it all? These are some tips I've learned during my time in business (and in architecture school before that - no all-nighters for me).

Topics Discussed:

  • Finding your ideal schedule and when you work best
  • Creating a long-term schedule for big projects
  • Daily to-do lists and how they can keep you on track
  • The importance of tracking your time
  • Why your priorities should dictate how you manage your time in your business
  • Tools I use for making the most of my time

Resources Discussed:

Action Steps:

  1. Choose and set up a time tracking app
  2. Write a list of emails you send frequently and can write templates for
  3. Find the time of day you work best and adjust your schedule so you’re doing your important tasks then