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Process to Profitability

May 24, 2018

Today I’m talking about why every creative needs a wolfpack with my friend, Elizabeth Henson. We cover topics that range from wolfpacks, masterminds, and some behind-the-scenes business stuff. We talk about what a wolfpack is and how it’s different from a mastermind and why it’s important for creative entrepreneurs to have a wolfpack. Then we get into who should be a part of your wolfpack and how you can start building relationships and finding people you really connect with. We also talk about ways you can make sure that you’re being a good member of a wolfpack – for yourself and others – and supporting people in the best way possible.

I’m excited to talk about this topic with Elizabeth because after connecting through a few different groups and events, I’ve seen how she puts this into practice first hand.

Elizabeth Henson, owner of Elizabeth Henson Photos, is a heartfelt wedding photographer and passionate coach for creative dreamers and overachievers. She helps women who feel stuck in their day-to-day spread their creative wings and make money doing what they love. Elizabeth settled into entrepreneurship after career hopping and finally leaving the 9-5 grind, She now runs a full-time photography business where she specializes in weddings for couples who believe in finding laughter in love. Her photographs have been published in magazines, books, and online. She is equally well known for her passion to help other women succeed in their own creative business endeavors and dreams of a world where any woman can make her living doing what she loves. Yoga and 90s music keep her grounded, as does spending time with husband, Mark, and two daughters, Gracie and Maddison. Elizabeth's mission is to grow her creative community, Creatives Live Happy, and provide support to emerging "creativepreneurs" everywhere.

Topics Discussed:

  • What a wolfpack is
  • Why having a wolfpack is important for creative entrepreneurs
  • Who should be a part of your wolfpack and how you can build those relationships
  • Ways you can start building your own wolfpack
  • Being a good wolfpack member

Resources Discussed:

Connect with Elizabeth: