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Process to Profitability

Apr 11, 2018

Today I’m talking about creating a subscription service based on your customer’s needs with Rachel Rouhana. We get into a ton of great topics and she gives us the behind the scenes of her business, including why she decided to offer her stock photos as a subscription, how she got started, and why she’s chosen to do business the way she does. We also talk about how she balances customer feedback and the vision she has when choosing the types of images to include and the bigger business decisions that she’s making. We also talk a lot about she does customer service and how her teams help her to really build a collaborative environment where they can all grow in their strengths and serve their customers to the best of their alibies.

Rachel and her team are amazing because they put their customers first and you can really hear that in this interview when she’s talking about the decisions that they make, the things that they choose to shoot, and the way that they go about making decisions about the business and the way they’re going to approach everything they do. We also talk briefly about her website redesign that came about recently and why she decided to bootstrap things at first so that she could get started. There is so much great information in this episode and Rachel really shares the behind-the-scenes of the business and is open and honest about everything that I asked her.

Rachel Rouhana is a photographer and prop stylist who helps women entrepreneurs create visually stunning brands to attract their ideal clients. She founded Haute Stock to make it easy + affordable for boss ladies to create gorgeous graphics that get clicks, likes, shares, and ultimately lead to more sales. Obsessed with gold, glitter, and all things pink, you can often find her sipping a latte and scrolling through Instagram for inspiration. Meet Rachel and learn how to add instant glam to your brand at

Topics Discussed:

  • How Rachel got started offering a subscription services
  • Why she intentionally chose a subscription library instead of selling images individually
  • How she decides what to include in the library
  • How to get feedback from your customers and use it to adjust your offerings
  • Balancing customer requests with your own vision for your business
  • The process of planning and shooting in collaboration with other businesses
  • What customer services looks like for a subscription-based business
  • What Rachel’s team looks like and how it grew
  • Bootstrapping in the early phases of business and investing as you grow


Resources Discussed:

Connect with Rachel: