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Process to Profitability

Dec 14, 2017

Today I am talking with Deneen TB all about using LinkedIn to create connection and establish expertise. She has some great information to share about the LinkedIn platform and why we shouldn’t be scared of it as creatives. She goes over some great tips about creating a profile that people will be able to find, connecting with your dream clients online, the experience of building connections and getting into groups, and how we can use LinkedIn to share our expertise.

We talk about a ton of stuff that will help you get started on this platform if you’re not there already and I would encourage you to check out Deneen’s LinkedIn profile as an example of all the things we’re talking about so that you can start using LinkedIn.

Deneen Troupe-Buitrago, M.Ed., is a Motivational Keynote Speaker & Trainer relieving the guilt from Faith-based Businesswomen by Linking Faith & Business. Her organization is called Grow From Your Overflow, LLC. She is a Development Strategist that connects you to Professional, Personal, and Spiritual growth opportunities through Speaking, Workshops, Online Courses, plus, one-on-one Consulting and Coaching. 

Some areas of expertise include Developing Goals, Writing Action Steps and Time Management as well as personal areas such as Developing New Habits, Procrastination and Presentation Skills. She weaves everything she does with Faith and has created the Personalized Faith Plan for your success in Faith & Business.  Her background in Education mixed with her experience in Drama gives her a unique Speaking style that is truly a ‘hands-on’ experience. By linking all of it to her Faith, she has combined all the best parts of her life to give back and serve others. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Why it’s important for business owners to be on LinkedIn and how it’s different from other social platforms
  • Creating a profile that your dream clients can find
  • Finding keywords and the right image to connect
  • How you can use the sections of your profile to connect with the right people
  • Why you don’t need the paid version
  • Ways to connect with people outside your circle
  • How we can connect with our dream clients
  • The etiquette for connecting and following up
  • Using groups on LinkedIn
  • Who should be using LinkedIn

Connect with Deneen: