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Process to Profitability

Dec 7, 2017

For the month of December, my solo episodes are going to giving you a little but more information about my business and what it is that I do and how I came to do that.

Today I’m going over a brief history of Lemon and the Sea, starting way before running a business was even on my radar.

Topics Discussed:

  • How I got started designing and creating at a young age
  • My high school activities and how they influenced my future
  • What architecture school taught me about business and design
  • How I started my career after college
  • The transition from full-time job to freelancing
  • My first design request and early business decisions
  • How I narrowed in on my niche and what I’m passionate about doing
  • The ideas that didn’t work and why I started Process to Profitability
  • How Lemon and the Sea is transitioning and what that looks like behind the scenes
  • My mission statement, manifesto, and core values

Resources Discussed: