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Process to Profitability

Nov 16, 2017

Today I’m talking with Maria Carras of Carras Creative all about writing an About page that connects with your ideal clients. Maria goes into a great outline of what you need to include on your About page and how you can lay that out so that you are communicating what you do, who you work with, and how you can help people, as well as ways that you can interject some of your personality onto this really important page of your website.

Maria Carras is the CEO & Founder of Carras Creative -- a creative copywriting agency working with coaches, creatives and online educators to help them share their story online. She lives in Athens, Greece with her British (aspiring-author) husband, her two rambunctious little boys and a rather ridiculously moody cat. When she's not listening to podcasts or writing for clients, you'll find her reading stories to her boys or making herself yet another cup of coffee.

Maria is offering a great discount on her DIY Your Killer About Page Workbook, plus a whole lot of bonuses for listeners of Process to Profitability. You can get 40% off that workbook by going to and using the code lemonandthesea at checkout.

Just a note: If this episode sounds a little bit different, I am coming to you from my new office in our new home and we are still working on moving and getting the sound just right.

Topics Discussed:

  • How Maria started copywriting and content creation for creatives
  • Why writing an About Page can be the most difficult page on your website to write
  • The importance of unlearning the ways you were taught to write in school
  • The main thing you’re trying to communicate on your About Page
  • Why your About Page is so important and needs to help you stand out in a crowded market
  • Why it’s important that you work with people who fit your personality and style
  • The biggest mistake people make on their About Page
  • Getting to the heart of the issue – finding the big problem your dream clients need your help to solve
  • An outline of a successful About Page
  • Making your dream client feel like you totally get them
  • How to introduce yourself, who you help, and the big thing someone gets from working with you
  • Sharing your story and letting people see who you are
  • Connecting with your tribe and repelling the people who aren’t dream clients
  • The importance of having a professional photo of yourself on your About Page
  • Write in a way that reflects your personality
  • Why you need to show your dream clients how you’ve helped people in the past
  • Adding personality and making your About Page fun
  • The importance of a Call-to-Action on your About Page
  • A few updates you can make on your About Page today without rewriting it

Resources Discussed:

Connect with Maria: