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Process to Profitability

Sep 28, 2017

Today I’m talking about Squarespace integrations and customizations. If you’ve listened to the previous episode where I’ve discussed Squarespace, you know that there is a lot more to the platform than meets the eye. One of the big things they have done is to create a lot of integrations with different platforms and programs to help you get the most out of your website and make it really easy so you don’t have to worry about finding plug-ins for inserting code.

Topics Discussed:

  • Built-in integrations with Squarespace blocks
  • Other integrations that work with the back-end of Squarespace
  • Connecting the programs and software you already use for your business
  • Other options for making the most of your website
  • Custom updates I use frequently in designing for Squarespace
  • Where you can find customizations for your own design

Resources Discussed: