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Process to Profitability

Aug 31, 2017

Today is a continuation of my website design series and I’m going to be talking about how a website designer can save you time and money. I’m going to go into some really important things to think about when you are considering whether you want to DIY your website or hire someone to help you with the design and development in order to save you time and ultimately save you money so you can spend more time working with your clients and growing your business.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why you can’t do everything in your business as it grows
  • The ultimate goal of running your business and why hiring can help you get there
  • How a website designer can uses your vision and needs to design your website right the first time
  • Why a designer can save you money with their resources and knowledge
  • The back-end things that a designer should put in place that you can grow down the road
  • The importance of having a designer support you before, during, and after your website launch
  • The steps a website designer will follow to design a website that meets your goals
  • How a website designer can save you time by managing your project and keeping everything on track
  • Why having a designer who is familiar with your design and platform helps you post-launch

Resources Discussed: