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Process to Profitability

Sep 21, 2017

Today I’m talking to Kristin Kaplan all about pricing your services and products for profitability and your dream clients. Kristin gets into a lot of really great information to help you price your services to actually make a profit in your business, including why you need to stop depending on what others are doing for pricing and start figuring out your numbers.

We talk about knowing your numbers and why that’s so important, as well as pricing based on the value you bring to your clients instead of just what it is you need to make or what the industry standards are.

I’m really excited for this episode because I think it’s something that so many of us creative entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle with, especially when it seems like we hear from a lot of people that our prices are so high.

As we get into this episode, I want to encourage you to get into your own numbers so that you know exactly how you should be pricing your services and figuring out what value you bring to your clients.

Kristin is an entrepreneur, wife, mother of three, and extreme list maker. A northerner by way of Los Angeles, she is now happily settled in Nashville, Tennessee and loves everything about living in Music City. She founded Stunning Events 10 years ago where she plans fresh, fun, wedding celebrations and manages all business operations. She also teaches, mentors, and coaches creative entrepreneurs to live a life of purpose by building a solid business foundation. She is the writer and creator of The Pricing Workbook, a pricing guide for creative business owners and the co-founder, along with Ginny Krauss, of The Wedding Business Bosses community and The Wedding Business Academy, a 6-month group coaching program for wedding industry creatives. 

Topics Discussed:

  • How she started her first business and started working with wedding professionals and creative entrepreneurs
  • The biggest issue small business owners have with pricing
  • Creating a strategy behind your pricing
  • How to calculate your cost of doing business
  • Learning the value of your services or products
  • Transitioning from an hourly mindset to value-based pricing
  • Pricing for the clients you want to work with
  • Packages vs. hourly rates
  • Explaining your pricing to potential clients
  • Why you should get paid, even when you’re just starting out
  • Planning for growth in the future
  • How to raise your prices

Resources Discussed:

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