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Process to Profitability

Aug 3, 2017

This is the first in a series of episodes where I’m going to be taking you through what it looks like to work with a website designer and what a good, strategic, and beautiful website can do for your business.

Today we’re going to start with how to work with a website designer. I’m going to be walking you through the process of website design, what you need to have prepared in advance, some tips, and the answers to some frequently asked questions that I get from clients.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why I love website design
  • The importance of a strategic and beautiful website
  • The process of website design that I use with clients
  • What the consult call involves and why it’s important
  • The types of questions I ask to create a website that fits each business
  • Why a mood board is important in website design
  • What’s included in a website vision guide
  • The importance of a sitemap and how it helps you create content
  • How designers use wire framing and what you should get
  • How I partner with clients in the design process
  • The importance of testing your website before you launch
  • Launching your website
  • Ongoing support, website backups, and tutorials
  • Content your website designer needs from you
  • Website design tips from a designer

Resources Discussed: