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Process to Profitability

Aug 1, 2019

Today I’m talking with Yvonne Heimann about launching a product on Indiegogo. She is really honest about getting started in the planner industry and what that was like, talking through the manufacturing and production process, and discussing marketing her product launch. We talk about launching not going as planned, but making adjustments as you go.

This is my first episode back from maternity leave, so I’m really excited to jump back into this season and bring you all new guests and topics!

Topics Discussed:

  • The design of the Bulletproof Business Planner and how it came to be
  • Breaking into a new industry
  • The manufacturing and production process and its challenges
  • Making changes to your product based on customer feedback
  • Why it’s important to know your target market
  • How Yvonne is helping her customers get the most out of their planners
  • Marketing for a product launch and using Indiegogo
  • Making adjustments to a plan based on how a launch is going

Resources Discussed:

Action Steps:

  1. Network within the industry you want to be in
  2. Just start somewhere
  3. Find people around you to encourage you

Connect with Yvonne:

As a web designer and business efficiency coach who runs multiple businesses, Yvonne has over 10 years of experience organizing, strengthening, and streamlining businesses into profitability and success. She was born and raised in Germany where she caught the entrepreneurial bug early on, working in her parents’ business and owning her own pub by the tender age of 22. Yvonne left the safety net and security she had in Germany to pursue her own dreams. Since moving to the US in 2007, Yvonne’s goal has been to help empower entrepreneurs so they can successfully run a sustainable business while also enjoying life. Her own life-changing challenge came in 2014 when she lost her husband to cancer. Yvonne was determined to resume her passion for building “bulletproof businesses” that can withstand anything.